Wednesday, May 12, 2010

lost me again!

Once again B&B has managed to lose me as a regular viewer. It never takes very long. A story line will lure me in and then it will go on and on and on until I can't take it anymore.

Such is the case with Bridget and her constant moaning and bitching, "Should I tell Nick I did the funky monkey with Owen? I'm going to tell Nick. I can't tell Nick I boinked Owen. Should I tell Nick?"

Ok, I've listened to this repetitive shit for the last few weeks and now that we have the paternity test results and we know that Owen is the father NOW a whole new set of moaning and bitching has begun. "Should I tell Nick? I'm going to tell Nick it's not his baby. I can't tell Nick. Should I tell Nick it's not his baby?"

I CANNOT listen to this utter bullshit every day until she either has this kid--and even then it will go on and on like a bad Celine Dion song--or until such day as she miscarries, which is OBVIOUSLY what Jackie is hoping for. I mean, seriously. Lying is putting her under so much stress, and I'm sure the constant reminders from Jackie that she probably won't carry to term isn't helping.

So NOW Jackie's brilliant idea is that should this child live, they'll tell Nick after it's born. OY VEY. Lovely that his mother is so incredibly cruel. Let him think the whole time the baby is his, then yank the rug right out from under him. Hmm, wonder when Jackie will tell him? During the christening, perhaps?

That storyline has cheesed me off as had this shit with Steffy and Pam. "Ho Logan?" Seriously how freaking old is Pam? Five? Six? Why the family continues to keep Pam around when she's obviously about as mean spirited as a person can get is beyond me. There's something not right with this woman mentally.

And Steffy? What a horrible bitch she's become. I guess she doesn't remember the years when her mother was off with Omar and Dante and then drowning her sorrows with Jack Daniels and all the while, Brooke raised her.

Once again.......I'M OUT!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


LOL'ing @ Bridget saying "You have to have a husband to raise a child."

What century is she living in?!

Friday, February 19, 2010

wait for it....

I cannot WAIT for Katie to get wind of the fact that it was Steffy who put the whole R.E.S.T. deal together.

When she realizes that Bill did for Steffy what he refused to do for her at Christmas.....KABOOM!
The shit is gonna hit the fan.

Bill best get his Last Will and Testament in order now...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

much ado about nothing

The whole Bill/Steffy thing was rather anti-climactic. I can understand him turning over the company had he SLEPT with her, but he didn't. And Katie's going to find out anyway. Does he really think she's going to accept the fact that he just signed the company away without knowing why?

I'm disappointed in this. They should have slept together. Then she could have "maybe" accidentally gotten pregnant, and that would have made the whole thing more interesting.

Monday, February 15, 2010

See Katie run

Wow, the show is really heating up these days. Great chemistry between Steffy & Bill.

Isn't it amazing how Bill had Katie apologizing for what had gone down with him and Steffy? WTF? If she can't leave her husband for an hour without having to worry that he's going to fall into bed with someone else, that's not HER problem, it's HIS.

His track record of a "few" kisses with Steffy has shown Katie that she has good reason to be suspicious and jealous. He's a freaking cheater!

Run, Katie, run!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

he's come undone

Ridge has had it! He can't take anymore of the Logans...even though they're his wife's family. He smashes the award onto the desk, and.....

Ridge's nervous breakdown begins! It's sooo obvious he's in agony, right? Right?

The real meltdown begins! But Ronn Moss has to cover his face, otherwise you won't be able to tell the difference between this pic and the previous one.
And to cover his bad acting. That was a given.

"Watch as I smear this blood all over my face while pretending I'm so anguished I don't know I'm bleeding..."

Ronn Moss in full bloody anguish mode! Can you tell? Yeah, me neither.

Notice how they hug to the side so as not to get any of Ridge's bloody anguish on Brooke's face or white blouse?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

go on take the baby and run

While I understand Bridget's anger towards Agnes, I don't know that it's wise of her to unload all that bitterness and resentment while the woman is carrying her child. What's to stop Agnes from taking the baby and running?

I think Bridget needs to unload her anger on the person who deserves it: Nick. The man is a consummate liar and Bridget knows that he has kept secrets from her in the past. That's why she's so bitter and angry. She knows that a total stranger was able to convince her husband to keep secrets from her and she knows there has to be a damn good reason why: Nick has feelings for Agnes. Why else would he put more stock in a stranger's wishes than his own wife's?

When all is said and done, I can't stand Nick's character. He's as wishy washy as Nick Newman, bouncing from one woman to another. Evey one is the love of his life and none of them last longer than a year. Hell, most of them would be lucky to last a year, including Bridget.